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METRIDIS Philosophy

We give life to your dreams by making quality furniture since 1927. Our group of companies continue with passion to weave your ideas into unique fabrics and curtains, in exclusive collaboration with big brands & factories, keeping pace with the design trends of our time.

Our private artistic space in Alimos gives substance and form to your space.
Every night with its impressively unique lighting… illuminates Alimos and your design needs.


94 years of tradition in the field of textiles

First store opens in Nikea, Piraeus.
The family of my grand grand father George Metridis came from Asia Minor.
Kostas Metridis the grand father came to work with great ideas and plans.
The first multi story furniture store of Greece opened in Pireaus
He has build the biggest in size multi story showroom in Greece in his home town Nicea
A new production unit of manufacturing furniture (7000square meters) opened, being for decades the biggest factory in Greece
George & John Metridis started managing successfully the multi story showroom in Pireaus
The two brothers started a combined business of wholesaling upholstery fabrics. Neomagic fabrics….
AMARA…The first fabric that created the idea of branding for more than 10 years. The first easy clean fabric in all Europe
A new generation of fabrics. ACTIVA… The first printed flock collection ever created
Panagiotis with John and George Metridis open the biggest showroom of upholstery fabrics and curtains in the north Greece in Thessaloniki
The family business is increasing achieving the biggest turnovers in all Greece in their sector, and starts the exclusive co-operation with companies like ALCANTRA & ROMO FABRICS that still are in use with us.
The biggest in size exclusive showroom of fabrics with 5 stores opens in Athens. Luxury, design and quality from unique brands.
Kostas and Manolis take over in the companies, giving new “air” with fresh ideas. Their technical and architectural point of view, marks in the coming years the whole course of fabrics and furniture in wholesale and retail
MAGICAL…George Metridis discovers and introduces a fabric that changed the “flow” of the fabric life for the entire Balkan area. Revolution! Unique product! Unique quality! The new era of “branding” begins and enchants with the same product until today.
Neomagic fabrics under the guidance of George Metridis starts and participates in world wide fairs in countries like DUBAI, QATAR, TIRANA. Success is imminent because the organization is the “trump card” of the team that is dealing with the contract business.
ALIMOS…South Greece… the largest exclusive for fabric and furniture flag store opens for CONTRACT-HO.RE.CA and retails business.
The next days are coming and we will conquer them with ethics and unparallel quality in our choices

Metridis Philosophy

We import, manufacture and trade furniture, curtains, upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, lighting, architectural materials since 1927. The course of the Metridis family from the great-grandfather George Metridis, to the grandfather Kostas Metridis passed on their experience to George, Giannis & Panagiotis Metridis, who in turn, having created a dynamic course in the field of textiles, interior decoration and furniture, educated and guided the fourth generation of the family.
The children of Giannis Metridis, Kostas and Mary as well as the children of George Metridis, Manolis and Kostas run the family companies today, offering to the customers, quality and unparalleled design in all the projects they undertake.


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